HEY, GUYS. I've been having quite a bit of problems for my battery lately, and i am very worried that whether it is about to go heaven. when first bought, it has 2.5-3 hours battery life while it is just 1 hr now. Sounds crazy, I was doubting that if i have make some mistakes when using the battery. I always leave it in the notebook though the external power adapter is connected,.*Is it safe exactly?*

From technical points of view online, there are three options: 1. remove the battery and only use the ac adapter to power the laptop. 2. only use the battery to keep the laptop work after it is fully charged. 3 leave the battery in all the time even when the ac adapter is connecting. both are fairly reasonable. what option will be the better way? I bought it from a 3rd party website*Akku für HP NX9010,HP COMPAQ NX9010 Laptop Akku,AC Adapter and have asked for help, they gave me an uncertain answer.*

Any thoughts? Oh... and sorry for the long post!